Registration Process

The body of evidence provided by an applicant should show how academic learning and work experience have combined to meet the 6 core competencies and associated assessment criteria described in the "Applicant Guideline Manual".

What the applicant EAP should do

  • Understand the requirements by using the Applicant Guideline Manual.
  • Compile the body of evidence: prepare 350 word responses for each assessment criterion offline, and upload to the online registration system (


The process after the applicant EAP submits the application form

  • The Registrar checks the submission to ensure all sections are completed and documentation is provided as required.
  • Two anonymous accredited assessors are assigned to the application.
  • The assessors review the application and make a recommendation.
  • A moderator reviews a subset of applications for quality management.
  • Recommendations are discussed at quarterly Registration Committee meetings.  A decision on certification is made at the meeting.
  • All decisions are reported to the EAPASA Board.
  • If successful the applicant is notified by the Registrar.
  • If unsuccessful, the applicant is notified in writing, explaining why not successful with some advice.




registration process