Do I have to register with EAPASA?

Any person with the primary responsibility in environmental assessment should register to practice.  From 24h: “No person other than a registered  environmental assessment practitioner, may hold primary responsibility for the planning, management, coordination or review of environmental impact assessments and associated EMPrs.”  In the case of officials this is the person who scrutinises the report and drafts the authorisation.

   How will an application be assessed?

 Applications will be assessed as follows:
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment principles will be incorporated
  • This is the process of identifying what a person knows and can do by allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills
  • RPL assessment principles will be used to assess applicants against the set of core competencies

   What about other professional registrations?

 EAPASA is intended to accommodate the range of professionals such as planners, environmental scientists and managers, engineers, and landscape architects, etc. practicing as EAPs.  To practice as an environmental assessment practitioner, particularly one holding primary responsibility, an EAP is required to register with an association appointed as the registration authority in terms of section 24H regulations of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act no. 107 of 1998).

   Who should register?

Officials working in government who have the function of reviewing EIAs.
The range of professionals such as planners, environmental scientists, engineers, and landscape architects that are practicing as EAPs.
Note:  From 24h: “No person other than a registered  environmental assessment practitioner, may hold primary responsibility for the planning, management, coordination or review of environmental impact assessments and associated EMPrs.”

   Requirements to be registered

To be a registered environmental assessment practitioner
  • Have the SAQA accredited qualification:  Certificate in Environmental Assessment Practice or be deemed competent, based on a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment.
  • Have at least three years of appropriate professional experience within the last 10 years.
  • Have undertaken at least 3 Environmental Impact Assessments or EIA Reviews, at an appropriate scale, conducted while you held primary responsibility.
  • Demonstrate that Core Competencies have been met.

  What is a candidate EAP?

Candidate Environmental Assessment Practitioners are:
EAPs who have not met all the Core Competencies for whatever reason
Will be qualified to undertake work associated with, or contributing to EIAs, provided that such work is supervised, reviewed, and ‘signed off’ by a Registered EAP who would take responsibility for work carried out by a Candidate EAP
Candidate EAPs must adhere to the Code of Ethical Conduct and Practice applicable to all registered practitioners

   Am I certified. What do I need to do?

The Board decided that there can be no automatic admittance to the register for anyone, including Board members!  While professionals that have been certified under previous voluntary and statutory systems will be encouraged to apply immediately when the Board is able to accept applications, everyone will need to follow the same process

   How long will it take to be registered?

According to Reg 24H, the Registration Body can only use 120 days from application acceptance to decision.
The application is accepted when the registrar indicates all information and fees are received.  
Assessors might identify information is still incomplete or insufficient. The applicant is asked to supplement, and the countdown to completion is paused until information is provided.

   Which projects do I use for evidence?

Your body of evidence should include three projects.
You are advised to provide evidence of your best projects -  not necessarily the most recent or the largest.  The projects should demonstrate competence in the required skills, and your specific role should be evident or clarified.

   Is there a course I can do to assure registration?

All registration applications are considered using Recognition of Prior Learning and your ability to demonstrate your experience and skill in core competencies.