The Professional Development Committee's mandate is dictated by Clause 10.3.4 of the EAPASA Constitution. The Committee is:


"responsible for creating an enabling environment for professional development and mentoring of registered Candidate EAPs and responsible for assessing the Professional Development and Skills Transfer reports of applicants for re-registration". 


For the purposes of fulfilling the responsibilities of the Registration Authority for EAPs in South Africa, EAPASA makes a clear distinction between:

  • Professional development of registered Candidate EAPs leading to registration as an EAP; and
  • Continuing Professional Development of registered EAPs.


Registered Candidate EAPs working towards registration as Professional EAPs should plan their professional development specifically to work towards meeting the requirements for registration. However, all EAPs, once registered, will be required to undertake and record their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities as a prerequisite for renewal of their professional registration. The responsibility for meeting the CPD obligation will rest with the individual professional.



Functions, Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Develop a Transformation Charter for EAPASA;
  • canvass experienced EAPs and relevant companies to provide mentoring support to Candidate EAPs;
  • promote the code of ethical practice and behaviour in the public interest;
  • consult with educational institutions to mobilise black and/or women students to join the profession;
  • establish systems and procedures for acknowledging and responding to requests for support from Candidate EAPs;
  • compilation of CPD Guidelines which the applicant would be able to use in ensuring CPD; and
  • make recommendations on possible improvements to the criteria and standards applied in registration on the basis of experience.
Committee Members:
Mr Danie Neumann (Chairperson)
Mr Zama Dlamini
Ms Sibusisiwe Hlela
Mr Phumudzo Nethwadzi

CPD Requirements

All Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioners
(REAPs) will be required to undertake and record
Continuing Professional Development activities.

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Continued Professional Development (CPD)
has benefits for the public, employers
and the EAP.

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